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Air Products South Africa and BEE

Posted by Daniel Makhura on 12 October 2017 9:55 AM SAST
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Air Products South Africa fully supports the principles of BEE (Black Economic Empowerment), now in the form of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Act 53 of 2003, and its amendments.

By driving B-BBEE, Air Products is enabling more previously disadvantaged individuals (PDI) to participate in the South African economy. In turn, skills development, employment equity, preferential procurement, and socio-economic development create a platform for PDI’s to actively take part in the economy and in so doing significantly reduce poverty and produce greater economic equality for all South African citizens.

Air Products has had active programs to benefit the advancement of previously disadvantaged groups in our country, and to develop and support the communities in which we operate for many years. With the advent of the Codes of Good Practice, published under the Act and initially gazetted in February 2007, Air Products formalised its programs to align with this policy. After receiving a Level 5 rating in our first assessment, we then improved to Level 3, and held that rating for many years.

With the revised Codes of Good Practice gazetted in 2013, the scoring system and targets were substantially restructured. In the first assessment under the new codes, Air Products, like many other firms, saw its rating drop from prior levels, in our case to a Level 8 in 2017.


It is our intent to continue our journey to be a leader in developing people and in choosing to do business with companies that share our values in promoting the economic participation of previously disadvantaged groups. This highlights Air Products’ commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen and our willingness to join hands with other organisations in creating a thriving South African economy.

We continually identify qualifying beneficiaries that meet the supplier and enterprise development qualification criteria set out in the B-BBEE codes of good practice.
Due to the highly technical and complex nature of much of the capital equipment utilised in our national operations, it is not always possible to obtain these locally, but wherever possible, local manufacturers will be used on an ongoing basis. Where local manufacturers and service providers do not immediately qualify to meet our technical specification, we set out clear objectives and concise supplier and enterprise development implementation plans with clearly articulated milestones to enable these entities to get onto our approved supplier list.

By sourcing our goods and services from black-owned suppliers and by investing in the development of small black-owned enterprises, Air Products is able to make a meaningful contribution to the future sustainability of other South African businesses while also building a strong network to procure the best and most-competitively priced goods and services.

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