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Provantage Media Group and the PMG Training Academy

Posted by Daniel Makhura on 24 October 2017 9:25 AM SAST
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There was great excitement in the air on 9 May 2017  when learners, teachers and Provantage Media Group (PMG) executives came together to celebrate the two-year anniversary of the founding of the PMG Training Academy, as well as kick off two new learnerships for 2017.
The Academy was founded in 2015 by ProActive™, a division of PMG, to provide life-changing opportunities for unemployed learners interested in pursuing careers in marketing. The first SETA-accredited 12-month learnership was intended to complement the brand ambassadorship training already offered by ProActive™. Upon completion of the course, learners received an NQF Level 4 FET Certificate in Marketing. PMG has subsequently introduced new learnerships that will broaden the learner's’ skills base.
Provantage CEO Jacques du Preez welcomed the new intake of students with an inspiring talk about setting goals. “Never underestimate yourself. There is nobody on the planet like you – you are unique,” he told the 200 assembled learners registered for the Business Administration course. Only unemployed learners who do not have the means to study are permitted to sign up for the course – the Services SETA equips learners with a stipend and course material, while PMG provides training, support and work experience.


The PMG Academy will run two learnerships this year – Business Administration and Project Management (which will conclude in May and June 2018 respectively.
Renee Fouche, Provantage Media Group Training Manager, said the Marketing learnership offered by the Academy proved life-changing for many. “We teach skills and competencies that are useful in the workplace, but beyond that, we offer mentorship, which impresses upon learners that they should never give up and not be afraid to try something new. Confidence and self-esteem are important components of the life skills we impart.”
Tshego Sefolo, Provantage Media Group Chairman and CEO of Agile Capital, who attended the event with Agile co-founder Londeka Shezi, said one of the biggest advantages of the learnerships is their ability to bring learners into the mainstream economy. “These types of initiatives make a dent in our unemployment statistics – learners are no longer sitting at home unable to find work; they are taking a valuable opportunity to gain skills and expertise. PMG then either absorbs learners into the business or sends them out into the world with marketable skills. This is a critical intervention we are proud to support.”
Shezi said the PMG Training Academy is making a measurable difference in society. “Many companies talk about empowerment, but few can make a difference at a granular level. PMG benefits by incorporating learners into its activations business and learners benefit by supporting their families and communities – this is a strategic business model that other companies should emulate.”
In just two years, The PMG Training Academy has developed a contingent of skilled brand ambassadors and marketing graduates who have already impressed with their capabilities and professionalism.
“If you want to achieve something in life, and you want it badly enough and do whatever is necessary, you can do anything,” said du Preez. “Learners who make the most of these learnerships will go a long way and become an asset to their communities and to society. We are very proud of our graduates and wish the new learners success.”

"From a Provantage Media Group culture perspective, we are vocal and active advocates of nurturing and developing young talent. We run a number of programmes through our learnerships (in conjunction with the SETAs) at the PMG Training Academy. In addition, we support young enterprise development, for example, through facilitating the reselling of airtime in taxi ranks," says Naidu.

"Through this we have created mini businesses for many individuals. We believe that Slikour has the right platform to partner with us and we’re very excited to air the content from SlikourOnLife which gives a voice and provides opportunities to young upcoming talent,” concludes Naidu.

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