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Case Study in health innovation

Posted by Janice Scheckter on 10 August 2017 11:45 AM SAST
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Unjani Clinics presented by Ms Lynda Toussaint

Empower nurses as health care providers and entrepreneurial role models. Model is highly sustainable. Seek not only to empower the nurses but also the community. Having successfully tried 6 pilot clinics a further 27 clinic have been opened. 


1. Nurses

* 33 business owners

* improved lifestyles

* permanent employment for 110+ people

2. Community

* in excess of 295 000 consultations

* access to improved services

* access to quality medicines

* primary care in communities. 

3. Healthcare System

* capacity building in surrounding Government facilities

* assistance with campaigns

*  healthcare systems strengthening


* primary health care @R180 incl meds

* medication dispending

* curative and preventative  but also chronic and education and counselling


* seek to develop partnerships and avoid duplication

Expansion planned to have a total of 60 clinics by end 2019. 


1. Solar important

2. Must have water

3. After 5 years no loan repayment

4. Supply chain - to ensure medicines are acquired in an ethical way - we make sure that they source from certain suppliers. Can acquire elsewhere - but Unjani has to sign off on this 

5. Any expansion planned - looking to work with allied workers that provide the screening of children. Allied health worker does that. In terms of nutrition some of the clinics on same land as schools or clinics. 

6. Is this a way of reforming the curriculum? Yes - there is extensive training - and beyond nursing, we are training and upskilling for members of the community to become health workers. 

7. What about taking the concept beyond the borders of SA. What about franchising to the rest of SADC. LT- have worked with a number of organisations in Africa. We don't necessarily want to own the IP for Africa and prepared to work with others.  

8. How do you think around electricity provision? Cost of solar exorbitant. Also needs more security. Don't have a stand alone purely off grid but do have 'parts' of the off grid solution. 

012 621 4300

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